Building Science Geeks- I need help with a window problem

Yes- I am a "geek" as well. Here is the issue:
I just got hired on a complicated whole house renovation where the house has structure and building performance issues. I have most everything worked out except for what to do with some misordered windows.
The client had already ordered the windows before they met me and once I got the specifications on the windows, the had already been manufactured so there is no going back. Here is the issue- they were sold triple paned windows designed for cold climate conditions. The u-value is .12 which is great however the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is .5. GA code is .5 for u and .3 for the SHGC.
I gave the client my 20 cents, however I cannot force them to choose my options.
What would you all recommend and I can let you know some of the things that I recommended to them if they were to keep these windows?
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