Asked on Jul 27, 2012

Overlay for wooded stair cases?

Faidra at  CA Global IncKMS Woodworks


Has anyone used this product? Interested in using on a clients stairwells?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jul 27, 2012

    It seems like a lower cost alternative to a full rip out...It seems that getting the right profile for the nose is the key to success with this product. When I worked the stairs for my own home I build from regular 3/4" t&G a set of "overlay" treads. This system seems like a lot less work.

  • Faidra at CA Global Inc
    on Jul 30, 2012

    No haven't gotten the quote yet, making sure it was worth continuing research. Going to see if there's a showroom near me so I can checkout further. Come on hometalk peeps, has no one used this product?

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