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Gold Painted Pumpkins

Ordinary farmers' market pumpkins take on a glam look with a quick spray of gold paint. I used pie pumpkins and mini pumpkins to create a cream and gold look in the dining room.
A vintage cake stand gets a touch of glam with these spray painted pumpkins.
White mini pumpkins mixed with gold painted ones work well together.
Start by taping off the handles of a pie pumpkin with painters' tape. This gives the pumpkin a more natural look rather than painting the whole thing.
Be sure to wear gloves or you'll be singing the theme to "Goldfinger" for the next few days.
Hold the pumpkin and turn it as you spray the gold paint. Let them dry for a couple of hours before handling.
This is a simple craft that will add some shine to your fall decor this year.

To see more: http://www.newhousenewhomenewlife.com/2014/09/gold-painted-pumpkins.html

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