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A DIY MidCentury Console Table

I've been wanting a small console table for the back of our sofa since we got it. That little corner spot is my favorite to sit and I never have anywhere to put my coffee or wine. We have a MidCentury flair going on our in house so we decided to tackle this project by creating one ourselves.
Here is the table as it stands now behind the sofa. Styled simply for our lifestyle.
We picked a hardwood called sapele that we didn't stain. We used tung oil to give it a nice finish and bring out the beauty of the wood grain.
This was our first time making a table so it isn't perfect, but I doubt anyone would notice unless they were at eye level.
Hairpin legs are my favorite. I found a great source online and will honestly put them on everything I can ;)

To see more: http://directionsnotincluded.com/2014/09/students-graduated-diy-midcentury-console-table.html

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