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7 Hidden Talents Of Dish Soap

Got dish soap? Get it out of the kitchen! Dish soap’s grease-fighting qualities make it one of the most versatile players in your kitchen roster. Powdered dish soap and its liquid little brother can clean surfaces in the bathroom, kill weeds in the garden and whiten your whites in the laundry room.
Consider these seven alternate uses and help your dish soap live up to its full potential:
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Powdered Dish Soap Tricks:
Whiten Clothing: If your whites have been a little more eggshell than alabaster lately, try this trick: fill up a bucket with half a cup of powdered dish soap and one gallon of hot water. Soak your whites overnight and then wash them in the machine as usual. Tip: For even more whitening power, add half a cup of white vinegar when you put your clothes in the washer.
Remove Oil Stains: To remove garage floor oil stains left by your car, spread kitty litter evenly over the stain and let it absorb the oil overnight. In the morning, sweep up the litter and scrub any further discoloration away with powdered dish soap and hot water.
Clean Every Surface in Your Bathroom: Dissolve a quarter cup of powdered dish soap into a bucket of steaming hot water and scrub every conceivable surface in your bathroom. Your bathroom will shine!
Liquid Dish Soap Tricks:
Kill Fleas: Dogs may be man’s best friend, but fleas are his worst enemy. Enter: this awesome tip from LifeHacker. During a bath, use dish soap in place of doggie shampoo. This will destroy the exoskeletons of fleas, which kills them quickly. After removing the now deceased fleas with a small comb, give your furry friend a regular bath with pet shampoo.
Freshen a Thermos: When a thermos is filled with particularly pungent liquids like soup, coffee or fruit juice, a little extra effort is necessary to make sure the scents don’t linger. Squirt two tablespoons of liquid dish soap into your thermos, fill halfway up with water, and shake it like a Polaroid picture.
Clean Trash Cans: Garbage cans can straight up stink. Luckily, all you need to do is fill your can to the top with hot water, add a few squirts of liquid dish soap, and let it soak overnight to make it stink-free.
Kill Weeds: Weeds are stubborn, invasive enemies of gardeners everywhere. To make sure that your garden only contains the plants you intended, spray weeds with a solution of equal parts liquid dish soap, water and white vinegar. Tip: Sprinkle the weeds with salt first to give your solution something to stick to.
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  • Charlie
    on Nov 4, 2014

    Where can I buy powdered dish soap

    • Southern Queen
      on Dec 24, 2014

      @Charlie This is the same thing that you put in your dishwasher. Any supermarket would have it.

  • Sherrie
    on Dec 25, 2014

    This is the best thing to clean hit the nail on the head. I had a customer who was allergic to all chemicals but a few. I used dish soap it cleaned everything from mirrors to floors with it. Every surface in the bathroom. It shined because I dried it.

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