Asked on Jul 29, 2012

What are these gold bugs on my plants? Are they hurting my plants? Should I get rid of them? How?

MaryVetsyBarbara Hansen


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  • Michelle Powers
    on Jul 29, 2012

    In my minor state of panic, I finally figured out they are Soldier Beetles. Apparently they are desired by gardeners, they do not harm plants, but eat insects. However, one of the things they eat are caterpillars. I planted butterfly bushes on purpose... I don't want ugly beetles to eat my future butterflies. ???

    • DORLIS
      on Aug 22, 2015

      @Michelle Powers keep the butterfly plants away from liatris (the one in photo) and keep an eye on butterfly weeds, etc for these beetles. take them off with tweezers and pitch them into a weed patch. I don't think butterfly are a food plant for caterpillars so you probably won't finid caterpillers on them . there is a web site called butterfly ranch, they ahve lots of info on butterflys, especially monarchs.

  • Vicki
    on Jul 29, 2012

    They are fire flies or lighting bugs. They do like my fennel herb plant very much and of course, I welcome them cuz we do enjoy watching them at night time.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jul 30, 2012

    Soldier beetles do far more good than harm, Michelle. I think you should be glad you have them.

  • Michelle Powers
    on Jul 30, 2012

    okie dokie

  • Carol Brown
    on May 29, 2014

    Look like lightning bugs to me.

  • Beth
    on May 30, 2014

    Not lightening bugs. Soldier beetles for sure!

  • Connie S
    on Jun 3, 2014

    lightning bugs don't even look anything like this.

  • Tammi
    on Jun 4, 2014

    These might be what is on my Phlox. I thought they were Boxelder beetles, and eating them. I was going to try to find something to kill them, glad I saw this. I need to do some research and see if they are for sure.

  • Barbara Hansen
    on Jun 6, 2014

    Hmmm a Gold Bug? I think anything Gold is GOOD..but ask Edgar Allen Poe to be sure. Muahahahaha muhahahaha (evil laugh)

  • Vetsy
    on Jun 6, 2014

    Thank goodness you have posted it.... I don't like beetles because they are creepy, ugly and scary... But at least I know that this one is a good guy and I can just shiver and than leave it be....

  • Mary
    on Jan 10, 2015 It's a soldier beetle. Information from Iowa State on its benefits. And, it does look like a lightening bug.

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