Asked on Jul 29, 2012

washer spins first load dry but each succesive load is wetter than the last.

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My parents just bought a home and the whirlpool washer came with it. The first load spins dry just fine but every load after that gets more wet than the one before.
Any ideas???
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  • There are several things that can cause this occurrence. It can be anything from a faulty clutch on its way out, or a timer that is not allowing the spin cycle to run long enough. And it can also be a plugged drain. How old is the machine? As these machines age, lots of things begin to go wrong. Some are very easy fixes, such as the timer, but others such as the clutch need to be done professionally as there are several special tools often required to make the repair. The down side is with the need to bring in a pro for the clutch issue, Is the overall cost of the repair plus the part. Almost all the time the labor mixed with the cost of the part, you can purchase a new machine. The biggest issue I have experienced when repairing my own older machines was the part was now the strongest link of a very poor chain. Meaning it was not long after I replaced on part, I had to replace another, and another. Until I finally gave up and purchased a new washer and dryer set. Had I paid to have all that work done, I would have paid for both new machines in labor alone. My advice is to purchase a new machine, you do not need all the bells and gadgets that come with new equipment. If you think about it, just how many different settings do you really use? So a new unit is not really that expensive when you think about it.

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