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Fall Signs From Drawer Sides

While cleaning my garage the other day I found the pieces of an old drawer. Being that I hate to throw away even small pieces of wood, I began thinking on how to repurpose these wood.
Time: 90 Minutes Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy
Besides the dovetail joints, I also loved that the pieces were the the perfect size to make some signs.
The words/pictures were printed and carbon copied onto the wood.
Acrylic paint was used to draw each letter.
Some shadows were also added and even a Sharpie was used to go around some of the letters.
Once dry, and using a palm sander, a light distressing was done before applying a dark wax to give them an old feel.
The painting doesn't have to be perfect! The distressing part kind of erases many of the mistakes done while painting the letters.
For more details and for the free downloadable graphics visit the link below.

To see more: http://www.remodelandolacasa.com/2014/08/flwnr.html

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