I'm trying to create a space for my dogs

I have 4 pibulls and am trying to create a space all their own. Just need some ideas.
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Sep 24, 2014
    What kind of space are you thinking of? A mud room makeover? Or an outdoor patio space? A doggie bed? So many fab options for your pups- just need a little more information! :)
    • Ronni crellin Ronni crellin on Sep 25, 2014
      actually i have a completely unused room with attatched bathroom that is never used. there is no plumbing to anything but the toilet and washer . and this space is just open. ready to do sumptin!!
  • Gardenista Gardenista on Sep 24, 2014
    Here are some ways to pet-proof your home: http://www.gardenista.com/posts/hardscaping-101-pet-proofing-your-home There are some really great tips to make a pet feel at home. Hope that helps, @Ronni crellin!
  • Ronni crellin Ronni crellin on Sep 25, 2014
    so i need for each dog to have his/her own space. i need 4 separate kennels / houses for each of them. i've built sum makeshift kennels but took them down when the new puppies arrived.. but now they're all gone. and i gotta get ready for another dog coming to have her puppies here. so with pitbulls its safest if each one has a separate and enclosed space. im just baffled at how to do this!
  • Grady Grady on Dec 16, 2014
    Are you talking in the house, or outside? I think it's a fantastic idea.
  • Julesatlanta Julesatlanta on Jun 07, 2017
    How big are the pits? Do you have any behavior issues with or between dogs? Are you planning on putting mom and babies in same room with pits?

    Next, easy way to protect walls. Buy large sheets of clear plexiglass based pn wall area. You want to use plexiglass to protect your walls from scratching, chewing, water, food etc. Drill holes in corners carefully. Use metal washers on both sides of holes to keep screws from over tightening and cracking it. Use the screw in wall sinkers to go into wall where attaching. Now walls ate protected and you can wash them down without having to hide decorations. Next, I need to know exactly what space is for? Is it a play area or bedding/ kennel area for when you leave them alone or to sleep in? Actually makes a big difference? Let me know and I can help you proceed.