Asked on Aug 1, 2012

what do spider mites look like

Rosa BoodCatherine SmithWoodbridge Environmental


I have yellow leaves on my rose bushes and I saw a tiny gray insect with 2 long front legs.
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  • Rosa Bood
    on Aug 9, 2012

    What is the tiny gray insect with 2 long front legs I saw on a rose bush leaf called ??? Thanks Woodbridge Environmental ! ... now I know it's not a spider mite.

  • Rosa Bood
    on Aug 9, 2012

    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

  • Catherine Smith
    on Aug 19, 2012

    Sounds like you are dealing with a couple of problem bugs. Thrips which are weakening your roses defensive system which allows other bugs like stink bugs to feast. The suggestions from the 1st comment are all good. However, I only use organic practices so I use the hose off methods and insecticidal soaps to control pests. It's really important to keep the area around and under your rose bushes clean, that helps to prevent fungal infections i.e. black spot.

  • Rosa Bood
    on Aug 20, 2012

    I was told never to hose off the leaves on rose bushes because it will cause fungus to grow. Since I stopped hosing my leaves, the yellow leaves with black spot have stopped ! I live in Florida; maybe in other less humid states it's o.k. to squirt water on the leaves. I don't know !

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