Asked on Aug 2, 2012

Whole House - 20Kw Gas Generator

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I'm trying to figure out what the total price within a reasonable range would be for a whole house, 20Kw Gas generator (Generac brand), requires 3 transfer switches for 2 Zone AC and a stove and understand materials and total labor and profit? Would sit 3 feet from the main gas line (Gas company coming out to replace the meter?) I see these generators online selling at ~$4500. I assume companies that are buying them get a better price, and I know there is obviously labor and profit. Just curious to total price range.
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Aug 2, 2012

    That is a lot of power....20 could supply the needs of an entire third world village with something that big. Generac is a good brand but I have also heard some good reviews on the Kohler ones at HD I would think a poured concrete pad, some gas run and a tie in should only run another 2500 or so. Kohler has a smaller 12 kw unit that is only about 3 grand. I you decide to not use the AC that would be more than enough juice for any ones home in a time of "crisis"

  • JimG
    on Aug 2, 2012

    Morning KMS: issue is when we get storms here (typically summer), 2 hurricanes and one day of 6 tornadoes!), electric has gone out 4-5 days at a time. The main point I want to have a generator for is the AC, and mainly because I don't want the heat and humidy to cause mold ini the house should the AC be out 4-5 days like that. House isn't really that big, but 3900 Sq feet, and pool, so we definitely want the pool pump running too. otherwise water would get nasty......... ** Question: So cost between $3-$4500 for the generator itself, but then labor and profit - -does $8K sound reasonable? One quote was $8K, another was $11K. - I thought total cost would be near $6K

  • Clay B
    on Aug 3, 2012

    I was quoted $10,000 for a large one installed with all the electric work, and gas install. Enough to run 2 AC/Heat systems, some lights, fridge, freezer, TV. I have a 2 story home, So I'm thinking I will get requoted, but a smaller one. If I can just run the upstairs AC/heat, that would be fine, plus fridge/freezer and some lights, fans. I can put fans pointing down to help cool the downstairs a bit. At least we can sleep in coolness or warmth upstairs, and be semi comfortable downstairs.

  • Ten grand sounds about right. We quoted someone up near us over $18,000 but he has a 8 thousand square foot house and panels all over the place that needed to be worked. There is a lot more then just installing a generator on the house then you would think. 1. You need to get the approval with the town. You cannot simply place this anywhere you think it is convenient to do so. 2. You need to rework your electrical panel. Regardless if your doing whole house or simply some sections of it. This requires special switching relays, and a complete rewire of the brand wiring that will be isolated from the dark part of the house. Depending upon your panel location this can get quite expensive to do. 3, Gas service. That again will cost a few bucks. You again must have approval of where the unit is to be located. Then that gas line must be located to that point. So it may not be just three feet away from the house. 4. You get what you pay for. Those four grand units are ok. But if your going to go through the expense of having a generator installed. Your better off getting a better model and doing it right the first time. This cost of course must be weighed against how often do you really have power loss in your area. So a single free standing unit that can be connected to the gas grill and converted over to natural gas or propane may be a better choice then doing whole house system.

  • JimG
    on Aug 4, 2012

    @ Woodbridge.. .thanks.... Company we brought in from Angies list is $11K, but extremely thorough and hit all the same points you did. He walked me through the Gas company requirements, permits, gas line sizes, etc, - enough that I knew half of what he was talking about. but again, all I really need is downstairs (2600 Sq feet and AC up stairs 1300 Sq feet - cat walk/no ceiling over family room or foyer). ** Also one company quoted $8k, and another said would be approx $7-8K.

  • JimG
    on Aug 4, 2012

    @ Clay..... I'll send you a message, curious who gave you a quote and will pass mine to you. I have full confidence in the company that quoted the Generator @ $11K, but $11K seems SO expensive. Reading the notes above at least helps me understand it could be reasonable. I'm just not ready to pay $11K...... was ok at $8K

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