Asked on Aug 3, 2012

Home Elevator Installation

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Please provide examples of installed home elevators.
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  • LandlightS
    on Aug 3, 2012

    Specifically, what types of examples are you seeking.....installation prep, actual installation or a finished product ?

  • Michael R
    on Aug 3, 2012

    Actual installation. How much head space required above the unit. I would also enjoy seeing some examples of finished units.

  • There are many elevators out there to serve many purposes. All of which require different types of installation such as foundation, ceiling heights and of course widths. If your thinking of this for someone who is physically challenged then there are lots of great options. I installed one several years back for a client who just did not have enough room in the house. So we installed a outside footing just below two windows that were above and below each other. We removed them and installed doors in their place. This eliminated the need to install new headers. And then built a wall structure much like you would see a chimney on the side of the house. It saved lots of effort in redesigning the house on the inside. In this install we not only had it with two doors one up and one down. But it then continued down to the grade level where we installed a outside door that lead onto the driveway. So this eliminated the need for the ramp on the front of the house. The two windows ended up in the dining room and on the 2nd floor hallway. Worked out perfect. As far as photos. Pretty much depends upon what your looking to do and where its going to be placed to determine looks. My only suggestion is that if you decide to install in perhaps in a center hall area from foyer up to 2nd floor that you consider a glass style. More expensive but the glass keeps that open feeling. Also a glass elevator feels less closed in. And that can be very important with someone who is wheelchair bound

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