Can anyone tell me what this is? Help please!!

Someone said hydrangea, but google it & can't find it!
can anyone tell me what this is help please, flowers, gardening, hydrangea
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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Aug 04, 2012
    Beautiful! Is it a pest plant or easily managed? Have you had it before, for a long time or just acquired it! I do not think I have ever seen anything like this!
  • Ann S Ann S on Aug 04, 2012
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas. No I don't have it, I'm in a group for Trees & flowers & one of the members posted this & I really like it, so I thought I could find out what it is & zone to see if able to grow it or not here!
  • Ann S Ann S on Aug 04, 2012
    Pest plant what do you mean? Jeanette.
  • Vida Gilbart Vida Gilbart on Aug 04, 2012
    It is a hydrangea
  • Z Z on Aug 04, 2012
    Yep, it's a hydrangea. I saw ones like this earlier this year. Can't remember the name of it, but it was a hybrid I believe. If you want to know which hybrid post the picture and a question at the Garden Web. They have a whole forum just for hydrangeas.
  • JP S JP S on Aug 04, 2012
    Lacecap hydranger?
  • Ann S Ann S on Aug 04, 2012
    Thank you, Thank you.
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Aug 04, 2012
    WOW it certainly is a beautiful species! If you find out which one let us know!!! LOL we may all want some of that...
  • JimG JimG on Aug 04, 2012
    I have 3 Hydrangas with same blue ?flower buds? called a Lace top hydranga (or flat top). My sisters (where mine came from is pink, due to HER soil compisition, mine are always blue! I don't know about gardening, but it does look much like my hydrangas.
  • Ann S Ann S on Aug 04, 2012
    Ok still can't find will look more tommorw! Thanks Becky & JP S hope means I'm getting closer!
  • Cith A Cith A on Aug 04, 2012
    have you tried double Hydrangea?
  • It's a Lacecap Hydrangea :)
  • Z Z on Aug 04, 2012
    Everyone that said lacecap is right.
  • Ann S Ann S on Aug 05, 2012
    Cith A, Becky & everyone thanks a lot found them: Hydrangea, Freedom Double Delights. These are so cool!
  • JimG JimG on Aug 05, 2012
    "Lace Cap!" ok, and those Nightingales (Dark Blue) are my favorites! I like the rich colors!
  • Alice G Alice G on Aug 05, 2012
    I had lace cap up north in my yard they were gorgeous. Now that I live in Florida can I still grow them here and if so what special care to they require ?
  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Aug 05, 2012
    You might be able to, Alice, if you can give them a location that gets no more than morning sun, and has good air circulation. You might also be able to try the beautiful native oakleaf hydrangea. I would ask at a good local nursery where they would know your specific area. The oakleaf does well west of me, for example, but I'm just too close to the beach.
  • Alice G Alice G on Aug 05, 2012
    Hi Doug, I have an ideal space for them just like that. Unfortunately its around the lanai and I'm not able to show them off like I would like to. My front yard gets the afternoon sun all the time. I remember the ones up north were also in the sun during that time and they would wilt till the sun went by them then they would perk right up
  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Aug 05, 2012
    And just think about how much more powerful the sun is in Florida, Alice. I think it would be lovely to be able to look at them from your lanai.
  • Cith A Cith A on Aug 05, 2012
    Ann that is excellent... I do love the double delights! have you seen these? I've got my eye on these 2 - fire & ice and pistachio...
  • Marg C Marg C on Aug 05, 2012
    I followed your link Cith and discovered something I didn't said "Honor breeders' rights. Plant propagation is strictly prohibited." was unaware of this 0_0
  • Cith A Cith A on Aug 05, 2012
    wow didn't notice that either ... guess that way they have all rights & we can only buy New plants thru dealer/breeder... with New plants I understand but wonder if it's for all "older" been around forever plants too, hmm.
  • Marg C Marg C on Aug 06, 2012
    I doubt that it's for all plants....I'm going to look this up because now I'm curious o_0
  • Marg C Marg C on Aug 06, 2012
    here is a link to explain... I never knew that!
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Aug 06, 2012
    Hydrangea mac Double Delights™ Star Gazer.... So we finally know the "Type" this it?
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Aug 06, 2012
    Wow Marg thanks for that link, they have a lot of info...
  • Marg C Marg C on Aug 06, 2012
    who knew you could patent a plant! Well actually the name LOL
  • Marg C Marg C on Aug 06, 2012
    extra! extra! read all about it here.....ok now this is strange...I got this in my email today!
  • Ann S Ann S on Aug 06, 2012
    Cith that is a cool flower you posted, love the thought of getting different colors for the 3 of the 4 seasons do you know what zone it needs?
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Aug 06, 2012
    @Ann S, the link that Cith posted says good to Zone 5
  • Cith A Cith A on Aug 07, 2012
    thx Sharron :)... @ Ann I can't wait to get it, love adding more seasonal color in the garden. side note earlier in May I got 1 of the Endless Summer collection'Blushing Bride' & it's been blooming ever since... love it! btw checked zone for Fire & Ice -- got 2 different zone recommendations- Acorn farms - Zone: 4 .... Monrovia - Cold hardiness zones:3 - 8... I'm in zone 7 so I think I'm safe :)
  • Ann S Ann S on Aug 08, 2012
    Wow thanks girls, great help! Love this site!
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Mar 29, 2015
    lace cap hydrangea..... looks like one of the newer varieties.... that is prettier than most lace caps..
  • Alexandra Pinera Alexandra Pinera on Apr 04, 2015
    Une variété d'Hortensia ? j'en ai une à la maison qui y ressemble énormément (le mien est rose mais ce bleu est bien présent chez les variétés d'Hortensia)
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Jul 02, 2015
    Yes its a DOUBLE LACECAP ..Other types are called mopheads, those are the big puffy round "old fashioned" ones....I have several of each.. to make it a darker blue,,sprinkle used coffee grounds around the base (not on the stalks).. the color will get very intense blue. to make it PINK, change the PH of the soil,,I can't remember what you add to do that, check locally..