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Recycled Garage Door

My husband and I replaced our old solid wood garage door and I knew the sections were at risk of heading off to the dump in my husband's truck if i didn't come up for a use for them! I wanted more outdoor seating so I decided to create a large outdoor bench using two of the better sections. I used the one section for the top and then divided the other section in thirds and used them as the "legs". I then scraped the loose paint and used a heat gun to remove some more. I wanted some of the paint to stay since it really made it look weathered. I gave it a good sanding and then added some wax to help it hold up just for this summer. I am trying to find some marine polyurethane so I can really seal it well. I added some pillows which just makes it really comfortable and we use it all the time!
Update: I sealed this with Helmsman Outdoor Polyurethane and it has held up well.

To see more: http://reposhture.blogspot.com/2012/07/garage-doorbench.html

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  • Reposhture Studio - Kim

    I actually added one of the bearings pins (they go in the track) to the top and hung a wreath from it in my booth where I sell my furniture. It sold in about a week!
    Here are some photos of it. I didn't do anything to it except scrape the flaky

    • Tammy T
      Tammy T Spokane, WA

      @Reposhture Studio - Kim That I like

  • Shirley
    Shirley Beacon, NY

    thanks for the great idea. We also have an old wooden garage door that needs replacing and I hated the idea of it just going to a junkyard. Now some of it can be salvaged.

  • Tammy T
    Tammy T Spokane, WA

    I'm fussy. I would add a top board with some cushioning, maybe leatherette covered seat. And paint. But that is just me

  • Lorraine D
    Lorraine D Huntington Woods, MI

    nice job!

  • Yvette Gerace
    Yvette Gerace Warren, MI

    I want the glass panel!!

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