Asked on Aug 4, 2012

Has anyone painted over white laminate kitchen cabinets?

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I would love to change my kitchen without spending a fortune, any ideas?
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  • Julie, located above is a search bar. Type in painting counters. There has been lots of comments on this very subject. While I understand you can do this and quite successfully, As someone who does microbial work. I simply do not like this as in my opinion you cannot scrub the surface enough to remove bacteria. While I understand this issue has been addressed by the many kits available to paint these tops. If one thing is not done correctly in the process of applying the sealant coats. All bets are off with reliability of cleanliness. But anyway. Check out all the great responses that people have had doing this very same thing to theirs! Let us know if you do it and how you make out.

  • Miriam I
    on Aug 5, 2012

    Great advice as always from Woodbridge. Here is a link with some examples:

  • Yes - You CAN do this! But you need to take your time, do it right with either a professional who specializes in this type of painting or getting all the right products. This is one project where skipping a step can spell doom! (but the results really can be dramatic and worth it!)

  • Cheryl Hyslop
    on Jul 27, 2015

    Julia - Are you aware of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? I just learned of it in June, researched it here on hometalk as well as her website, and have just completed my first painting project. It truly is quite amazing, I loved it and I think worth checking into. Good luck.

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