Pergola Bragging Time!

With all the kids moved out, my mom finally turned our abandoned basketball court into her dream pergola. The contractors that built it did a fantastic job but the finishing touches were all her! Colored lit mason jars add a relaxed feel and showcase her unique style and she built that awesome table with the plant in it herself! I know, i couldn't believe it either..
the pergola commences!
our cat enjoying the pergola:)
colored mason jars lined up and ready to go!
my mom built this table herself!!
the finished pergola! can't wait to come over and hang out there!:)

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  • Michelle McClish
    on Jan 23, 2015

    @ .Naomi, I would like to invite your very talented Mom over for Iced Tea...I just might happen to have some lumber...hammer...nails etc... lying around. LOL Seriously, BREATHTAKING! I have a 14' X 14' deck in serious need of a Pergola. My husband isn't taking the hint so...when a man doesn't do it, all it takes is a woman to start it. Thank you for the inspiration :)

  • Naomi
    on Jan 25, 2015

    Aww thanks @Michelle McClish and excuse me while I just make sure that @Arlette Twersky sees your sweet comment! she'll be so happy that others appreciate her dream pergola and her handiness at making her diy table! Goodluck making your pergola happen whether by husband, hire, or very ambitious diy-ing:) Either way I'll let my mom know that she has a new friend and apparently a side job!

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