Asked on Aug 5, 2012

Memory foam bath mats

Designs by BSBTudyPatience T


Are they worth the hype and money?
3 answers
  • Patience T
    on Aug 6, 2012

    love mine!! well worth it.

  • Tudy
    on Aug 14, 2012

    I co-own a Bed and Breakfast. We have them in the bathrooms and they are great.

  • Designs by BSB
    on Aug 17, 2012

    whoa.. I have a shadow - Miriam, please delete that account! :) Memory foam is "feel good" kinda stuff. If you stand at your sinks for a long period of time dressing, etc.. they have value. I personally dont like the look of them .. too thick and too easy to trip over :(

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