Asked on Aug 6, 2012

I need to plant an ornamental tree that doesn't grow taller than 12 feet.

Douglas HuntWalter ReevesBecky H


I had 2 trees struck by lightning and had to have them removed. The power and cable lines ran besides these 2 trees. I don't want any tree I plant to reach these lines. I would also like a tree that wasn't deciduous (loosing its leaves). Maybe even a nice bush would work.
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  • 3po3
    on Aug 7, 2012

    I'm guessing Walter or some other local folks will chime in with good suggestions. I am reluctant to suggest anything because our climates are so different, and something that does well here may not be suited for Georgia. However, it sounds like a great question for a good nursery in your area. I always like to see and touch the plants I am talking about anyway, so I recommend getting some ideas there.

  • Becky H
    on Aug 7, 2012

    How about a weeping bottle brush tree?

  • Walter Reeves
    on Aug 7, 2012

    Consider Emerald Green's the right size

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Aug 7, 2012

    I think you could easily keep a Little Gem magnolia at 12 feet.

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