New house, no furniture. What color scheme?

What is the process in picking color scheme for all the rooms? Do I get furniture first ( I have some in mind) or I paint walls first and then I get furniture? I am confused
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  • Lori Lori on Oct 03, 2014
    You should pick the furniture first to get an idea of what your style is, and what fabrics will be in the room. Then use paint as a way to pull the design together.
  • Patricia Drebit Patricia Drebit on Oct 03, 2014
    Always pick your large items first, also any hard surfaces. Flooring, cupboards, anything like that, must easier to paint then to replace big items.
  • Linda Linda on Oct 03, 2014
    If I had the time and the choice and already knew what type of furniture I planned on getting I would paint first as it would save you all that moving around when you do paint. I know in my home we had to put up scaffolds because the walls were so tall and it would have been much easier not having the furniture to work around. I believe most people use neutral tones on their walls especially in a living room. there really isen't any set rule in which you should do first it all boils down to whatever you are comfortable doing.
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Oct 03, 2014
    CHECK OUT : CHRISTOPHER LOWELL- 7 LAYERS OF DESIGN, he explains it very well...........PICK BIG large items first,,,, ones you will have in the room the longest.... mantels, carpet or hardwoods, cupboards, countertops and finishes., You have already gotten past that step,,,, NEXT: items you plan to keep the longest,,usually that is your furnature basic pieces and most expensive, don't forget dimensions,,,, a great piece isn't so great if it doesn't fit. THEN the PAINT (I always used to do this first--wrong), then its area rugs and window coverings. Once that is done you fill in with your smaller decor items,,,, small chairs, end tables, lamps things you can change out without breaking the bank, pillow, vases, artwork .. Start collecting pics from magazines, ask friends for ones they have read..catalogues, photos of things you like..then see where these take you,,your style will come out,,I think VISUAL FOLDER IS BEST,,,, so you can compare things you like, side by side, purge things you change your mind on.... KEEP THIS IN THE CAR when you shop. I have a gallon baggie with bits of fabric, tile, flooring, and a bit of wood with the paint colors on it..(not the paint store samples) for projects I am working on.... SAVES time and MONEY on returns. DON'T BE IN A HURRY, These principles apply to every room....MOSTLY DON"T STRESS,,,,, have fun with this,, your new home should evolve over time,,,, its hard not to want to do everything all at once, as soon as its done.... this is an exciting time enjoy it..Don't be surprised if you change you mind later down the road.. tastes change, decor styles and colors change ..... ENJOY you new place.....and relax a bit..
  • The Chirping Frog The Chirping Frog on Oct 03, 2014
    I would suggest picking an inspiration item.... a fabric, piece of art, throw pillow or the like and use it to build the color scheme.... that way when you choose something if it works with that element then you know it'll fit the scheme of the house.
  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Oct 03, 2014
    @Olena Beloous never pick paint first it is way easier to match paint to anything then it is to match everything to paint......carpet or flooring furniture accessories then match your paint to one of them.... but the greatest thing to remember it is your home do as you please and have fun xx
  • Carole Carole on Oct 05, 2014
    Paint comes in every colour imaginable, so you will have no problem finding a paint to go with whatever furniture you choose. If you are just unsure what colours and such you like for décor, then suggest you go through some posts on here and find a look you love, or go through some magazines and make a pin board of rooms you love the look of. Whatever way you go, remember that you want some 'flow' from room to room so you would be better off choosing looks that don't clash with each other from room to room. Sometimes a good starting point can be a piece of artwork that you like the colours of and build your room around that - it will give you a colour scheme. A blank canvas can be a little scary at first and many people are afraid of colour and of getting it wrong. Don't be. Have fun and please post when you are done.
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