Ikea Hack Diy Gold Stripes Storage Box

30 Minutes
I don’t know about you but whenever it’s Summer I feel creative and crafty and ready to get my hands dirty and get sweaty (Ok without the sweat)
So, when I purchased this storage box after getting so overwhelmed by my messy desk, I started using it for stacking some papers that are private or just clutter stuff that I don’t want anyone to see.
It's been helpful and kept my desk look organized , but somehow I felt it could do a bit of oomph to make me feel a bit more giddy inside (i know crazy right?) My first attempt was only to paint the metals gold, but it looked a bit bare and didn't gave me the 'wow' factor that I was looking for. My goal for this box was to not look like it's from Ikea or anywhere else that you wouldn't come a across at stores. ( you gotta dream big sometime:)
This project has been applied and used with these supplies:
- Tape
- Acrylic Gold Metallic ( That can be found at Craft stores)
- Paintbrush
- I started of using my washi tape(really??) I know I know, but does it really matter?
You gotta use what you have in stock!
Seeing the first gold stripe, I knew I was going in right direction
Seeing this colour of gold, makes me feel giddy inside ( remember, the feeling I was going for?)
It already looks totally different.
Remember my first initial plan was to paint the metals gold.
Well, they were quite tricky and bit messy.
But we got there!
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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