Rock & Roll Your Kitchen! (Well, at Least ROLL It)

If you are making an island and it is not going to be connected to the plumbing or electrical system, put rollers on it! Several years ago, the time came for me to have an island. A cabinet maker built this one for me and had the great idea to put casters on it so I could move it where I wanted to. I usually keep it close to the oven (a bit more out of the way) and it has become my main prep station. If I am cleaning a lot of veggies, I roll it across the room to the sink area, layout some cutting boards and towels...wash and dump the washed veggies on the island, clean them, spin them and have the disposal and sink right there handy! I am happy to say that I am soon to get a slightly larger butcher block top for this (the size I wanted in the beginning). Hubs was fortunate enough to find a nice 30"x72" butcher block top for me! It will go from 27"x36" to 30"x50". I will have room at the front to use the scraps to make trays for some frequently used spices, oils, etc It will be more cumbersome, but since I can roll it out of the way, it will not be a problem! If I don't like it, some can always be taken off ...easier than put some back on!
My island usually sits in front of my oven with room to get to everything. Since I have retired, I do a lot more cooking and wanted a larger top. We are going to try this first before I look to have a new island built. I want shallow utility drawers, but more of them, and wider cabinets for baking pans and dishes. Maybe some open shelves for large mixing bowls...I just want it all! HA! My perfect island would be so big it would require a governor and other elected officials.
But because it has casters, I roll it closer and angle it next to the stove where I can just drop the dumplins into the boiling broth with ease.

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  • Carole
    on Oct 9, 2014

    Everyone needs more bench space and prep area. Here is a round one I made from a $1 ebay purchase. Sold to a person living in Sydney. This is also on large wheels for mobility.

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    • Jeanette S
      on Oct 9, 2014

      @Carole Love it! Even if you have the best layout possible, I find that I am always more than arm's length from where I need to be! HA! It sure is nice to just turn slightly and drop the dumplins into the boiling broth! And it saves me having to tear off wax paper to stack the dumplins on when cut and a platter to get down and then have to wash and put up!

  • Jeanette S
    on Dec 28, 2014

    We recently put on a larger butcher block top (now 48wx30d) because I am cooking more since retirement and I just simply wanted more space at my work station. My kitchen is a bit more crowded but since we are retired, there are not as many folks in my kitchen with me now so it works out better for me. We don't use the overhang for an eating bar because I just don't like sitting up higher.

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