DIY Cement Counter Tops!!!****????///// Don't even think about it!!! Here is our experience.

Difficult, messy beyond belief. More expensive than we thought. Wanted to cry & give one point I hated them, but now, ah....I have to admit, well, you decide... Do they look good? Oh yeah, was it worth it? Yes it was.
Durrock on top of the cabinets, forms & supports under that. Wire to strengthen, plastic molds to hold the cement in & form an edge. Those are snapped off later.
Rent a cement mixer, add color, cement, & chemicals that prevent cracking. Get someone strong to lug it in in 5 gallon buckets & pour it onto the counter.Over & over again.
Watch it drip down the plastic after you all trowel it smooth an beat it & vibrate it with a sander, do it some it again! And again!!! And again!
You cannot quit now, keep going.
Let the stuff dry & hope. Now, sand for days & days & hours & hours. The dust is everywhere & even scratching the floor. Of course you put plastic down & tarps.
Put two coats of chemicals on the entire thing to seal it. Hope the shine ends up less shinny. Get out of the house because the chemical odor is noxious.
Wa la, bada bing!! It is a miracle! I like it!
Lovely edge. I will never, ever do it again. I do however like the counters. Now I can have the cabinet doors installed & drawer fronts attached. But that is another post, another day.

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  • Diana Deiley
    on Mar 13, 2017

    Anything worth having is worth the wait! Great job! Definitely a lot of messy work, but BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing your personal experience with this project. Gives us all plenty to think about.
  • Diana Deiley
    on Jun 29, 2017

    Yup, me again. Even months later I still like what you did. The look is awesome. Keep up the great work.
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