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Asked on Aug 9, 2012

What would you recommend to make ceramic patio tiles skid resistant?

AndreaPaula Marie HydeJeremy Slocum


Our outdoor patio area has ceramic tiles that are as slick as glass whenever someone steps on them with wet feet from the pool. It's also very bad news when I walk around in my Croc flip flops while watering the plants! :) Seriously, though, these tiles are a very real hazard at my house that concerns me anytime we have a pool party. We bought a product and applied it last year that was supposed to make it non-skid. It didn't work for the long-term. For now we have 4 rugs out there, but they are a big pain when it comes to sweeping leaves and dog hair. :(
I am now considering Shark Grip in a clear sealant and rolled on with a paint roller, but I before we go to all the effort of cleaning off the patio and doing it I wanted to ask what your suggestions would be. I want it done right when we do it again, so I need a solution that will last for years and not have to be re-applied annually.
I do like the color and look and feel of the tile, it's just WAY too dangerous for use around a pool area with wet feet and fast moving children.
Any ideas how to make the ceramic tile here non-skid?
Any ideas how to make the ceramic tile here non-skid?
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  • Jennie H
    on Aug 9, 2012

    Have you thought about those little things people put in their bathtubs?

  • Beth at Unskinny Boppy
    on Aug 9, 2012

    Jennie, no, that hasn't occurred to me! LOL It's a pretty large area- about 250 sq ft of tile, so that would be a whole lotta stickers!

  • Sharron W
    on Aug 10, 2012

    I know what you mean, I almost broke my neck when I was pregnant with my oldest because of the tile at our entry, Honestly I can't think of anything short of glueing something over them or maybe those rubber "tiles" they sell for mechanic shops at least that way you could take them up during the winter if you wanted to and only put them over the tiles where you actually needed them ....

  • There are sealers that can be applied to the tile surface that will help prevent this slipping. I suggest that you visit your local tile store for products that will work with your tile. You may not find this in your local big box home centers. This is a specialty item. It is applied much like tile sealer. But offers a slightly gritty addition that makes the tile less slippery on the surface. You can also find this type of product on line. Here is one of the many available.

  • Sharron W
    on Aug 11, 2012

    Well WOW @ Woodbridge, that stuff really seems like it will fit the bill!

  • Somewhat Quirky
    on Aug 11, 2012

    This is something to keep in mind when selecting tile for indoors or out. Tiles are actually rated for "slipperyness" numbers that rate them from as unslippery as possible to super slippery. Sounds like the original selection of tile was not considering this!

  • Sandra A
    on Aug 16, 2012

    Go to the hardware store, or better yet a tile store, and ask for a matte sealer. A pool store might have one that is designed to add friction. Woodbridge was right; it will work. Adding bathtub stickers won't work; the adhesive isn't rated for sun and heat like that...Another idea; put down outdoor carpets for the first 5ft of the patio area, so that people's feet will be somewhat dry.

  • Catherine B
    on Aug 16, 2012

    Whatever you use, make very sure that it will adheare to the ceramic tile as not all things will do so. .

  • Carol S
    on Aug 17, 2012

    A decorative out door rug or runner - may also do the trick. Beautiful patio by the way.

  • One Man and A Hammer, Inc.
    on Aug 18, 2012

    I agree with those that suggested a special sealer to add slip-resistance.

  • Charles W
    on Aug 18, 2012

    beth, i would suggest you consider an (EXTERIOR) waterproof polyurethane & add a small amount of silica sand. just enough to provide a non slip surface. you could test the amount in small batches until you find the proper ratio. # 2 if the color of your present tile is not to your liking you might consider an exterior paint & do the same with adding sand. hope this helps

  • Kate
    on Sep 5, 2016

    We had similar tiles along the pathway from the front gate to the front door in a house some older ladies moved into back when I worked in supported housing many years ago. In or after rain or sleet they were really dangerous (and this was in England, so that meant a lot of the time). The maintenance guy found some clear but gritty material that stuck down to the tiles so they didn't obscure the look but the tiles were no longer slippy. I don't think it would be great for bare feet, but might be useful information for someone searching for such solutions. (We also had a railing put along the path for the ladies.)

  • Jeremy Slocum
    on Apr 5, 2017

    Beth, if you're still looking for a long term professional solutions, give us a call at 471-SLIP. Check out our website at

    Jeremy Slocum
  • Paula Marie Hyde
    on Apr 6, 2017

    How about tile decals? Kind of like this...
  • Andrea
    on Jul 3, 2017

    Is there a way to etch the tiles?
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