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Burlap Fall Wreath

Some scraps from a burlap bag and a recycled wreath from the flea market yielded this versatile fall wreath for the porch....
Every time I use a burlap bag for a project, I trim off the seams and use them to make burlap roses. I save these roses in my studio for when I need a little touch of rustic for something.
They turned out to be the perfect accent for this fall wreath I entered in our fair.
To make the roses, I just twist and hot glue the seam so the tattered edge shows every so often.
I used 9 roses for the wreath and added one more to the burlap pumpkin. They were all hot glued to the wreath. I love the rustic simplicity of it for fall.
I actually have it hanging next to our door so it does not blow in the wind, scrape the glass or block our view.

To see more: http://artisticendeavor101.blogspot.com/2014/10/burlap-fall-wreath.html

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