Asked on Aug 14, 2012


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  • Carroll A
    on Aug 14, 2012

    Depends on what the style of your house is. I saw a kitchen a while back that the owner displayed her antique kitchen items up there. It was really cute. That is such a hard space to decorate though.

  • Irene Boffo
    on Aug 14, 2012

    I have space for 7 or 5 (spaces between) items. I have christmas lights lying flat (can't see them) and 3 different bunches of greens....but in between? Just painted kitchen a "silver grey" which I love! but accent colors? red/blue/tans????

  • Designs by BSB
    on Aug 19, 2012

    can you post a photo? I recommend large items, or small items on boxes to raise them up. Greens are least desirable above cabinets - combination of dust and grease from kitchen area prey on them. Yellow is a fabulous color for a kitchen - bright sunshine! would also look nice by grey. But not sure if it would work with your cabinetry color

  • Irene Boffo
    on Aug 19, 2012

    thank you. I do have some things on books to raise them up. with painting the walls a "silver grey" I am changing accent pieces now. I do in fact have three greens arrangements spaced out, of course, but I do clean them. Like I said, I have lights running the entire length of the "L Shaped display area...quite long. I have tans, cremes, silver grey/blue, black in granite. Yellow looks nice however, my dining room/living room is the "cocoa brown with blue" as, it is all open. I will in fact, try to get a picture BeckySue.

  • Terra Gazelle
    on Mar 14, 2015

    I have a collection of antique garden baskets, a couple painted wooden wine boxes and a framed wood tray. I went to the Smithsonian online and got print outs of antique seed packs ( the art is fantastic) I am going to place them on some canvas boards and use them above the Cabinets..along with some cute tin signs I have.

  • Glenda B
    on Apr 3, 2015

    When I decorated above my cabinets I just used things I had. It surprised me the things that actually looked good up there. The squirrel is actually a garden piece from the lake house. Use bricks or blocks to elevate things to different levels, they won't show because it is so high. I ran an extension cord around the top so I could add the little lamps. It was fun project and I was really tired when I got done from getting up and down on ladder. If you can get someone to help you that would be a safer way to work, and they could hand things up to you. Have fun!

    , When we put the TV up there I had to re do things but my husband loves the TV better than the things LOL, As you can see I even used a plate we got while we were in Mexico All that stuff you don t know what to do with give it a try you might be surprised how good it looks or no don t like it don t use it, Big large bowl is one I got at garage sale but I found the bigger items really show up nice
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