Asked on Aug 15, 2012

Are stink bugs a threat to roses?

Walter Reeves


I have a miniature rose vine climbing on a trellis. These babies were transplanted from the farm that's been in the my family for 3 generations now. These roses were my favorite while growing up. I went to run the new growth through the trellis when I found a nest of stink bugs between the lattice and the post. Are stink bugs a threat to my roses? If so, what is the cheapest and most environmental friendly way to get rid of them and keep them away? Thanks!
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  • Walter Reeves
    on Aug 15, 2012

    I don't see a lot of rose damage from stinkbugs but I guess it's possible. They're hard to control organically but regular sprays of Capt. Jack's Dead Bug Brew might put a dent in the population.

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