Asked on Aug 16, 2012

anyone covered a counter with tin, copper, or sheet metal?

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I am wondering how to do the corner so it doesn`t have a sharp edge?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Aug 17, 2012

    with a soft metal like copper the edges could be routed so the transition of the metal blends with the substrate. For this to work well a decent substrate would be needed butcher block and the copper would need to be firmly bound to the wood.

  • Typically any metal counter has soldered or welded corners that are ground smooth and sanded/polished to make the corner appear to be seamless. Copper is the easiest to do. However copper sheets are expensive. This is not really hard to do, however for a DIY person that has not done this work before, it can become a bit difficult to achieve a professional look. Even those who work with these metals have difficult times unless outfitted with proper bending and cutting tools. Not your normal every day over the counter tools.

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