by KIm K

Large Spider

Check out what was lurking outside our bathroom window at our beach rental house a couple of weeks ago. I had to force myself to walk past them everyday! Know what they are?

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  • Susan
    on Apr 8, 2013

    They are gentle spider and will stay outside where they all belong.

  • Melissa K
    on Apr 17, 2013

    This humongous thing makes a web between my oldest and largest hydrangea and the top railing of the deck every year. Hate him, but he never comes onto the deck. Wanted to kill him the first year, but just left him alone after that cause he didn't hurt the plant, nor does he seem to move far away from the gigantic and strongest web I've ever seen! In the south all my life, but never saw one like him before about 5 years ago.

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