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A good closet door alternative...

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Our guest room is still in the works, obviously since there is almost nothing on the walls, but lately I've been thinking that the old wooden closet doors weigh the room down a lot. I'd love to replace them with something else! Be it painting them, or curtains, or something. I may have to replace them because one door is broken and wont shut.
There are two other windows in the room and one is right next to the closet so I am worried curtains may be too overwhelming, but I'm not sure. I do have plans to put a window seat under that window, so maybe it could work...
I've included a mood board and pictures of the room for a reference
*Just a note, painting the trim is not an option ;)*
Could curtains work right next to the window?
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  • SettingforFour
    on Aug 17, 2012

    I would remove the closet doors and add one or two curtain panels hung from a rod mounted to the wall like here You could go with a fun print like this posts shows or keep it neutral with grey or white panels. If you go with grey or white use the same fabric for the drapes on the other two windows. If you go with the fun print, I would keep the other window drapes neutral. Use the same rods for the windows and the closet to give it a cohesive look....brushed nickel would work well with the grey tones in your mood board. If you don't like the look of the rod on the outside of the closet door you could mount a rod on the inside of the door as shown in this post: Good luck!

  • Freckled Laundry (Jami)
    on Aug 17, 2012

    I agree that curtains would be great, esp. Anne's look. I like it. If the one door is fixable, you could paint them and add fabric panels to the front (tufted or smooth). I think long, skinny rectangle panels (four of them - one for each) might be nice, leaving an inch or two around the edge so you get a little frame of white, gray, aqua...whatever you paint them. (Personally, I think the aqua that's in the mood board pillow would be nice.) A subtle fabric (like a solid grey or white linen to coordinate with the bedding colors on your mood board) won't command as much of the eye's attention, although the treatment itself probably will. You could even do the curtain print on the two end panels to give it balance with the window. Just a different take. Good luck with your room!

  • Curtains ... fab fabric choice to liven up the space! If you can't paint the doors -that's your best bet

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Aug 19, 2012

    I do not think the doors are too heavy at all. They match the taller baseboards and tie everything together...if it were my place all I would do is get a lighter color lampshade and throw some art on the walls.

  • Z
    on Aug 19, 2012

    I'm with you KMS, but then I always choose stained wood when at all possible. To me it's richer looking than the curtain panels or painted doors could ever look. The door I used to make the corner shelf above is one of the hollow core doors that have a brace in the middle that allowed us to cut it in half.

  • Leah Bening
    on Nov 18, 2013

    You might want to consider resale value and just paint out the door and trim to match or coordinate with the room. Removing doors isn't typically a good idea for insulation and resale purposes.

  • Wanda sinnema
    on Jan 26, 2014

    I Like the look of the doors and the WIDE baseboards, but, in the last photo it looks much darker than the rest of the trim in the room. Perhaps its just the photo. I do think the wood adds a richness and warmth you don't get with paint. What I notice is the WHITE shelves. I would do the rest of the room FIRST, after all the headboard, art and such are done, then plan if it still bothers you and want a change. I would KEEP the doors in a basement or garage. You may never be able to match with other doors in the house in a few years.... Depending if this is a long term house or one you plan to be in for less than 10 yrs..

  • Letha
    on Jan 26, 2014

    I think curtains would be fine just keep them light and simple. Hang them close to the ceiling if you would like the room to seem taller.

  • In keeping with your trim I agree with KMS and Becky that the doors should stay. They are nice looking doors. What is broken? You can buy new bifold hardware and youtube or read directions on how to change out the broken hardware. The doors really look nice! If you want to soften them, then use fabric/sheers or curtains with a decorative rod to match your window. I currently have sheers over closet doors that were kicked in by previous owner and since the rooms are no longer bedrooms I use french door rods I found on clearance cheap and cover the closet doors. But I do wish now, I had doors because curtains over a closet do not give you quite the finished look as doors do.

  • Moxie
    on Feb 4, 2014

    I dont think it is the doors being to dark...I think it might be a balance thing...try putting something above the bed or headboard like to tie it all together

  • Dobi
    on Jan 11, 2015

    I think that you are right, the doors are kinda bulky, does anyone still make the doors that are not wood but are bifold, they used to be really popular in the 50's. the slide open like the bifold doors but are made of a kind of fabric that has been reinforced. that would take care of the bulkiness. I like your room color! you definitely need airy curtains in there. have you thought of stenciling on the wall opposite the bed or even over the headboard of the bed? I think that a window seat where you have the chair now would be a good addition!

  • Susan Bechamp
    on May 16, 2015

    If you are referring to accordion doors, they had them at Home Depot a few years ago. We used them to cover a closet under the stairs since a traditional door swung out to wide and I dont like bifold doors. The accordion doors fold on themselves as the name suggests. Only problem is the limited choice of material this type of door comes in. The solid vinyl looks cheap, but the woven wood ones are quite nice. A bit more expensive. I haven't found a how-to on making accordion doors yet.

  • Barbara Valenti
    on Sep 18, 2015

    Why not try some mirrored bi-fold doors? Would add to the decor. You could also use some colorful wallpaper to match your room being in the colors including some browns. Cut it out and put it on the bi-fold doors in the block areas only. Hope you can understand me. It would add color and not look so heavy. Plus cheaper! I like the airey room, very pretty color. A valance or balloon curtain with your colors would look great!

  • Stevie Ann Collings
    on Sep 26, 2016

    Hi Ashley I would add a gorgeous overhang to your bed which would add some needed architectural drama to the room then I would go ahead and paint the closet doors that would add some lightness to the room it would look a lot better

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