A Fun Little Trick For Used Candle Jars

Truth time: Have you ever bought a candle because it came in a cute jar?
We’re guilty as charged. Sometimes, those pretty jars are more enticing than the scents they hold. But when the candle is spent and your jar is covered in those little wax remnants, things are decidedly less attractive.
You can get rid of the wax completely in three easy steps. To reuse your pretty jars, try this trick:
a fun little trick for used candle jars
a fun little trick for used candle jars
a fun little trick for used candle jars
For this project, you’ll need:
-access to a freezer
-dull knife
-soft cloth or Q-Tip
-baby oil
1. Freeze the Jar
To easily clean out the wax, freeze the jar. Cold temperatures will contract the wax away from the sides of the jar.
2. Scrape Away the Wax
The contracted wax is easy to remove! With a dull knife, simply scrape it away.
3. Remove Any Remaining Residue
Once most of the wax is out, use a soft cloth or Q-Tip to swab the inside of the jar with baby oil. This will clean up anything you missed with the knife.
How will you use your jar?
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  • Susan M. Roth
    on Dec 25, 2017

    I discovered this easy one - two step several years ago; pour boiling water into the jar & using a butter knife or something similar to cut or scrap the softened wax from the jar.

    This works best if majority's of the wax has been used.

  • Lucy
    on Feb 11, 2018

    I place mine on the radiator in the winter. Outside in the summer for the sun to melt.

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