$4.39 Mudroom Makeover

12 Hours
My husband and I recently moved into a 175 year old historic home and the entry way had seen better days... the painted hardwood floor was chipped and beat up pretty bad. The homeowners left several gallons of paint in the basement so I grabbed two gallons of porch and floor paint, bought a roll of blue painters tape ($4.39) and got busy :)
Amazing what the price of one roll of blue painters tape (and 12 hours and 5-7 years off the life of my back and knees lol) can do for a room! If you happen to have painted hardwood floors (or hardwoods that are in really bad shape), I wouldn't hesitate to try something bold!!
Here is a "before" shot.... taken shortly after we moved in. One of the highlights of this home are the incredible moldings and casings. But in many of the rooms, the walls and trim are painted the same (or nearly the same) color, so nothing really stood out.
Another "before" view. This room faces east and gets fantastic light most of the day. The chipped gray paint was doing the floors no favors. Shortly after these photos were taken, we painted the mudroom Wethersfield Moss by Benjamin Moore (historical collection).
Here's a before shot of the empty room... long and narrow. And blah.
Here is the first coat of paint going down. SO much brighter and fresher.
And after the first coat. Improvement already! And Piper agreed :) But despite the freshness, it looked, well, BORING. I knew this could be a really great entry....
So I enlisted the help of the Mr. (and his awesome math skills) and we snapped chalk lines to create 18" diamonds. I began the (tedious) task of taping off every other diamond, painted and let dry, and then going back for the remaining diamonds.
Here's an "in between" shot. I was sure to remove the tape right after painting since I have a love hate relationship with it!
Harlequin pattern complete!! Love the life that was brought to these boring gray floors!
I would say we were VERY fortunate that the paint cans in the basement were colors that worked so beautifully in this room.
And a last shot. I recently bought some fall branches to use in the vase and will continue to update it as the seasons change. I couldn't be more pleased with the way it all came together :)

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