I have two tall leaning Dogwood trees that look fabulous when in bloom. They are inside my dog pen which leads off back porch deck. I need an awning for my dog Cosmo to do her business when it is raining as she hates the rain. I need the shade from either the trees or an awning as this is SW exposure.
I also have a huge Oak tree near the street in front of my house which I love except for the leaves falling during bad weather.
I am toying with the idea of having these 3 trees removed even though it is breaking my heart. Should I sacrifice biodiversity and splendor for the emotional health of my dog and my own physical health of cleaning up after her is she opts to do her business inside the house? I have a bad back off and on and also like a clean house. Just need a workable solution hopefully without sacrificing biodiversity.
The awning would cost $2500. I do not know what a perimeter back yard fence would cost on a 1/2 acre pie shaped lot. Even with the fence there is no shelter for the dog anywhere. She is a Beagle with a good bark but I have thought of giving her away to someone who wants her and getting my alarm system reactivated.
The amount of biodiversity which would be lost is most important to me on this deteriorating planet.
Thanks for any comment on my dilemma. Will add photos later.
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