Painting a straight line at the ceiling trick

How pros don't use tape.
Paint your ceiling first, wrapping the corner. Take your ubiquitous 5-in-1's back edge and gently score a mark.
Just use the corner as the naturally flowing guide.
Using a 3 inch brush loaded with paint, just cover the line.
Viola, this little trick will make even a coffee lover's line look good.

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11 questions
  • Eve
    on Jan 14, 2016

    Any tips for painting a straight line with plaster walls and ceiling? Thanks

    • Susan Adams Dunlap
      on Feb 23, 2017

      Take a flat head screw driver and run in along the ceiling next to the wall top. That makes a slight flat valley for paintbrush to cut in for ceiling paint.

  • Annette Russo
    on Nov 10, 2016

    What if your not painting the ceiling?

  • Gurn
    on Nov 19, 2016

    What if you have small ceiling cove do you paint it the wall colour or the ceiling colour

  • N. Cobb
    on Feb 24, 2017

    That probably works great on a smooth wall. What about on a textured wall (like orange peel or Spanish Lace)?

    • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
      on Feb 26, 2017

      Correct, not so much around texture, but perhaps it would make it easier.

    • Huu Tai Roberts
      on May 8, 2017

      Use caulk. Put a thin bead of painter's caulk in the corner and use a damp sponge to wipe the excess.
    • Carl Henderson
      on Aug 13, 2017

      I've scored a line on a heavily popcorn textured ceiling. Looks great.
    • Carl Henderson
      on Aug 13, 2017

      I've done it in a heavy popcorn textured ceiling.
    • Kev31935005
      on Nov 29, 2017

      a better way or what I learned was instead of a sharp tool line like the five and one use a sharp pencil and run a line. Sharp edges can create small gaps and even tear drywall paper creating more issues. Try it it works!
      , This was a knock down ceiling and again a fine pencil line to create my edge
  • Vivtaylor06
    on Jul 22, 2017

    Sorry re my ignorance but what is a 5 in 1 ?
    • Rob
      on Aug 16, 2017

      Its a painters tool, the one in the image. It can do 5 jobs in one tool.
    • Yylowinger
      on Dec 18, 2017

      It's main job is cleaning or scraping paint off of brushes and rollers before you wash them.

    • Jhi14866314
      on Dec 29, 2017

      The best painters tool you will ever have!!
  • Robert Trujillo
    on Sep 22, 2017

    What if you have a popcorn Celine
    • Kev31935005
      on Nov 29, 2017

      Just use a small flat head screw driver and run to along the ceiling where it meets the wall. That will create a flat line where you can paint into
  • Faith
    on Jan 25, 2018

    This is absolutely brilliant!! How about keeping a steady line at the baseboard, same method? Thanks so much!!!
    • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
      on Jan 25, 2018

      I’ve not tried it on a baseboard because it’s easier to make that line where you don’t see it as much but it should work there too!

  • Eileen
    on Feb 25, 2018

    Can I buy that 5-1 tool in England please
  • War33296471
    on Apr 28, 2018

    What happens if I got a shaky hand

  • War33296471
    on Apr 28, 2018

    What happens if I got a shaky hand

  • Laurie
    on Jun 14, 2018

    How does it work? Does the paint fall into the scoring or what?

    • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
      on Jun 14, 2018

      It’s more like it just gives you a distinct line to follow, it does take a lot of practice but jump in there you can do it!

    • Alm23923453
      on Aug 1, 2018

      Just don't push very hard, don't want to cut the drywall tape underneath. Wallpaper hangers cut drywall tape very easy when hanging paper. I know, I hung paper and painted for 35 years.

    • Dennis
      on Dec 4, 2018

      Whats the difference??

      Your paint brush making a straight line or your five in one?? both are done by your hand and eye. try a bead of caulk to fill in that irregular gap between the wall and ceiling and then cut your wall to the ceiling. scoring the corner will most likely leave a black line during change of seasons

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