Is this a peach tree that is growing out of my plum tree?

It seems to be grafted in.
How cool is this, 2 for 1!

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  • Kayteelou
    on Mar 11, 2015

    Hi, it's me again. I agree with Douglas... I would remove the peach tree or it might choke out the plum. In 208, I planted a dwarf Liberty Apple Tree in honor of the first year anniversary of my Dad's passing. Because he was a Veteran of three different wars I chose the "Liberty". We did not scatter Dad's ashes until that first anniversary. I saved some to plant with "his" tree. During the up coming winter of 2008 - 09, I had deer eat the new tender branches so bad that I was n;t sure if it would com back in the spring. The main The limbs dropped off an part of the main trunk. The Nursery suggested that I plant another tree. I answered, "I can't, don't want to, because some of my Dad's ashes are buried with it. A few weeks later I notice a new limb at the base of the tree. The Nursery person said that it could be the Liberty Apple Tree or the Jonathon Apple because that is the tree stock that the Liberty Tree had been grafted onto. The apple tree is indeed a Liberty Apple. It began producing fruit by 2010 and had enough fruit by 2011 for me to make apple sauce. GOOD LUCK with your PLUM TREE.

  • Nanette Maclin
    Nanette Maclin
    on Mar 11, 2015

    You might want to call a Nursery in your area and have them come take a look. Sometimes removing one or the other can cause stress and harm the tree .It is amazing to see, maybe a gift of sorts.

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