How To Caulk A Perfectly Straight Line

The icky bathtub caulk line had to go, so with this simple tutorial, you can caulk a perfectly straight line!
How To Caulk A Perfectly Straight Line
How To Caulk A Perfectly Straight Line
Caulk Tutorial
Caulk Tutorial
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  • Cld3219004
    on Mar 30, 2016

    What is the material that u put call on ?

  • Carole
    on Jun 25, 2016

    I need to redo the caulking around my bathtub and my vanity sink. It has black mould on it. How do you remove the existing mouldy caulk to provide a clean surface to redo the caulk? I am happy with the caulking process but it is removing the icky old stuff that has me stumped. thanks

    • Heidi
      on Jul 24, 2016

      Before removing...soak long pieces of cotton wool (like the ones the hairdressers use for doing perms) in clorax, I use clorax gel. Fit it tightly against the caulk edge. Leave for eight hours or more. It comes out crisp white and's like magic...I get my cotton wool from Sally's beauty supply for about $1.20

    • Ursula
      on Mar 4, 2017

      What is Clorax .. chemically speaking?

    • Lorna Metz
      on Mar 25, 2017


    • Bed34190166
      on Oct 5, 2018

      To remove old caulking ,I like to spray it with WD40 and us either a plastic or metal putty knife to remove scrap it off .

  • Margaret Martin
    on Feb 4, 2017

    do you remove the tape right away

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  • Me
    on Jun 24, 2016

    Back in the 80's I worked in a wood shop they built exterior cornice/fascia & doors & dormer window for Georgian style homes in Richmond Hill Ont Canada. I have a cabinet maker ticket but I was the token female employee! I was the one who filled/sanded nail holes and caulked everything they built. Cut your tube on a 45 degree angle and your bead shall be smooth and straight, Run you bead without stopping then with a wet finger smooth it out. For 100% silicone, before smoothing your bead, dip your finger in a wee dish with dish soap, this insures the silicone won't stick to your fingers.

  • Kevin Mills
    on May 4, 2017

    would it save any time to use a drywall inside corner tool?
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