DIY Clacking Bamboo Water Feature

I have always wanted to a clacking bamboo water feature. I had read that it scares the deer away and thought what a great way to naturally deter deer away from delectable delights of my hostas and daylilies. In many Japanese gardens we find bamboo water features and, for me at least, I find them so inviting and calming. Adding a bit of ZEN in our worlds may be just the recipe for a calmer and more peaceful life.
Since bamboo is more than plentiful in many areas of the country, this fountain costs next to nothing to make. If you do not have access to bamboo, then look around because in many areas of this country bamboo has become an invasive nightmare and many people will gladly let you cut some down! But bring a cordless saw (I have a reciprocating or sawsall) because a handsaw could take you a while!
My hubby helps with me with many projects because I have the idea and he the analytical sense about him. I had no plan but a vision (and so did he) and in the end we came up with this version together. It took us about 3-4 hours because we were not on the same page (doesn't that happen a lot between men and women?). Communication error is what I like to call it. My hubby refers to it as an annoyance. He just cannot understand what I am trying to say. In the end, we usually figure it out and he goes from irritated to happy after the project is complete.
The directions are on my blog and they can be adapted to suit. It is not perfect but it works and even though it is fall my pumps stay running for another month at least so I will be able to enjoy my new clacker for a bit.
For many of you, fall can give you time to find a source for bamboo and time to let it dry until spring where you can build your clacker and even a new arbor (I have directions to build one of those too out of bamboo). I hope I have inspired you to create your own ZEN garden.
Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!
I am adding this to the large pond in the back yard to help scare the deer away (so I hope)
I worked and tweaked the fountain over this pond
I had cleared out a bamboo invasion several months ago and brought some home to dry.
Bamboo such a highly invasive plant here in zone 7b.

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