Asked on Aug 29, 2012

Dishwasher is creating residue/white on my dishes and tableware, including my glasses

EJSanWoodbridge Environmental


I tried cascade powder and tabs, as well as, finish tabs. everything comes out with a white haze. I'm following the instructions on the box.
I use my dishwasher once a week and therefore the dishes are scraped and rinsed before putting in the unit. I end up putting a 1/2 cup vinegar in a bowl and running it again. It is my understanding this is not good for the rubber, etc on the seals, pump, etc. - I called both companies and the only explanations are 1. lack of phosphates; 2. old product. Finish asked me if I put the tablet in the main dispenser and closed the door (that was the instructions) So - what do I do now? I really don't want to wash them by hand although in a sense I'm almost doing that.
Look forward to y'all's replies.
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