Moldy black crud in my dishwasher. HELP!

My dishwasher problem is moldy crud build up. Every week I have to clean the whole inside of my dishwasher with a plant based cleaner and let it sit 15-20 minutes to work. Then I scrub the insides down completely with a rough paper towel. Then I spray it with a vinegar spray but the vinegar alone is not enough to clean it. Then I run a rinse/dishwasher clean cycle. Now I am also letting the dishwasher sit open at night with the racks pulled out for airflow so I can close it during the day so I don't have to look at it sitting open. I hate all of this but I hate the moldy stuff worse. Any other/better ideas out there? The cruddy stuff inside my dishwasher is actually black....My dishwasher was new too a few years back.
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