Room color flow ideas?

I would love ideas on how to make the rooms flow in my home, while incorporating two or three different color schemes. (ie. pastels in one room and then primaries in the next.) Is this possible?
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  • Jill Feigelman Jill Feigelman on Nov 01, 2014
    I always love the idea of mixing up colors in your space. If you added a picture of the room/s you are going to paint, that would help people make suggestions. You might want to check out the following painting tips on Hometalk: You can also see inspiration of what other Hometalkers did with paint in their own homes: : would love to see a finished picture when you are done.
    • Kalsti Kalsti on Nov 01, 2014
      @Jill Feigelman Thanks so much Jill! I have a historic house (1894) that I am renovating.....I have pics but the walls are not finished yet. Basically I love the pastels (pink, rose, blue, green, yellow) for most of the house-- with white walls. But I would like to do either the sunroom or dining room in primary's (red, mustard, blue, green). If there are some design principles that people use to be able to do this-- it would help very much. Thank you!
  • Jill Feigelman Jill Feigelman on Nov 03, 2014
    I don't know if this would help but this site has some historic house ideas.
  • Xie Xie on Nov 17, 2014
    Using one color for all the baseboards and moulding worked for me.
  • Mollie Hoff Mollie Hoff on Nov 17, 2014
    It depends on what colors you choose. You need to give us more information on your entire problem. What colors? Which rooms? Open concept or closed? Meaning has your home been remodeled?
  • Kalsti Kalsti on Nov 17, 2014
    Thanks all! This is an 1894 Queen Anne Victorian that I am remodeling currently. I would like to have the majority of the rooms in pastel color schemes but also would ideally like to have the rear sunroom accents in primary red, yellow, blue, green with touches of pink. The sunroom overlooks the garden. I would like to tie all the rooms together with white baseboard and trim. The main foyer is the central hub, from which stairs, kitchen and sunroom, dining room and parlor all extend. I know that I would like to do a kitchen with blue and white accents. Upstairs I want to keep to the pastel colors, but also would like to have the option of doing one of the bedrooms in red and white (not orange-red). Here are some pics of my "fav" options. Challenge is being able to use all these wonderful colors without it becoming a circus! Ideas??
  • Mollie Hoff Mollie Hoff on Nov 18, 2014
    Take a second look at all of your items. They basically have all the same colors! You have selected your color scheme! Hallway should be the creamy yellow and you might consider using a touch of yellow & just a pop of red in your kitchen. Just remember a few basics. Large furniture are long term pieces and will be easier to work with long term if they are a solid color like white or cream upholstery. Also, if you choose to have rugs on I am assuming your hardwood floors then the solid color furniture will blend well. Pillows and accessories will provide you with your pops of color. Don't be afraid to look at a soft yellow sofa. I have worked with them in multi-color homes with great success because no one thinks to use them and they can be changed out with pillows for each season or holiday and work extremely well. Good luck!
  • Mollie Hoff Mollie Hoff on Nov 18, 2014
    One more thing... Don't think you have to have every room a different color or that it will be boring if you do. Consider accent walls. With your basic creamy color and accent walls you will keep it fresh and if you get tired of a color it is easy to paint one wall..
  • Kalsti Kalsti on Nov 18, 2014
    Mollie Hoff thanks so much! I love the idea of a soft yellow sofa.