Asked on Aug 31, 2012

How do you store handbags in the closet?

MindyEvelyn AdamsLisa I


Want to be able to view all of them, don't want them piled on top of each other, want them to standup and retain their shape. Don't want them to get dusty. The handbag cover that comes with the bag doesn't allow you to see what handbag is in there.
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Sep 1, 2012

    Perhaps a smaller version of this handsome storage grid a Hometalk member came up with:!/451002 I also seem to recall the Container Store having handbag storage cubes.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Sep 1, 2012

    How many bags are we talking here?...I know women and shoes and bags can be least to some of use men folk. But I would think a simple shelf at eye level would accommodate 8 to 10 with out too much trouble. As far as the dust goes having the closet shut should prevent 95% of the dust from accumulating...and if it does...your not "using" them frequently enough...which may mean you have too many?...LOL

  • Lisa I
    on Sep 5, 2012

    I've also seen a lot of storage ideas on pinterest that just involve installing hooks into the walls of the closet to hang a couple of bags from. And LOL, KMS Woodworks, you are too funny!

  • Evelyn Adams
    on Sep 29, 2015

    I used wire clothes hangers. Hold the hanger at the top center -beneath the hook - in one hand and with the other hand stretch the hanger downward. Now bend the stretched hanger upward to form a hook. Hang one or two pocketbooks on it and hang over the clothes bar.

  • Mindy
    on May 10, 2017

    There are soft shelves you hang from the closet rod. They are for sweaters or t shirts but great for purses. Inexpensive too.
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