Asked on Aug 31, 2012

how to make easy candles with kids?

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Does anyone remembers making candles and a wash cloth was used as well? what I reALLY WANT TO KNOW IS.... HOW TO MAKE EASY CANDLES FOR GRANDCHILDREN. THANKS,BETTY
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  • Miriam I
    on Aug 31, 2012

    Hi Betty, I've made soy candles with mason jars. It's really fun and easy. You can decorate the jars, and then pour the wax in over wick. Easy and fun!

  • Betty
    on Sep 1, 2012


  • Many years ago, Well more then I would like to admit anyway. We used to make water candles to sell in Ithaca NY to help pay for our rent and other things. If memory serves me well, we used to fill a large bucket with water and then melt colored wax and pour it onto a metal tin. We then took the hot wax on the tin and placed it into a bucket of cold water to create all sorts of strange shapes. Here is a video that shows one way of doing these.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Sep 1, 2012

    I have made quite a few over the years...we have been using a Soy wax (ecosoy 135) from candle science. This is a lower temp wax so it needs to be used in the mason jars Miriam mentioned above. We have been using small tins with lids about the same size as a large tuna can. The are designed for candles with "bumps" on the bottom that act like like feet this protects the surface from addd heat when the candle gets low. The Soy wax is veggies so it it very green and clean burning.

  • Maggierose
    on Aug 10, 2015

    I see this is an old post, but maybe someone is still looking. We used to make ice candles with the kids...a waxey milk carton, A pice of wicking secured at the bottom with a metal washer and at the top tied onto a pencil laid across the top of the milk carton to keep it centred. Fill with ice pieces and pour in the wax. When it solidifies it makes lovely lacey candles.

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