My Garden...Late Spring Early Summer Blooms -PT:1

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  • Liz C Liz C on Oct 03, 2012
    @ Carol....Awwww...thank you!!! And No, no, Not perfection...a lot of trial & error!! Learning a little more each year. Only a 3rd year gardener....Much, Much More to learn! As for the Bugs...Luckily, this year, I didn't have have a big bug problem....I battled with ground hogs....that I kept away with regular red hot pepper flakes....sprinkled on my flowers every couple of well as caught some and released with my Save A Life Trap.....Used Watermelon to bait them. It worked everytime!
  • Liz C Liz C on Oct 03, 2012
    Dear kind and yes, so sad to watch all my hard work diminish and fade away starting now.... Last year, we had a huge snow storm right before Halloween and it destroyed my whole entire garden....This year, cross our fingers...all my fall flowers are still coming up, blooming and well as my zinnia's & Sunflowers!!! As for coming back....believe it or not... A lot of my Annuals, did come back, such as my Zinnia's & Sunflowers.....Last year when I deheaded my Zinnia's, I just dropped faded flowers right onto the ground and believe it or not, aside from the seeds I planted this year, I had spurts of Zinnia flowers throught out my garden. And last year, I had planted a sunflower in this particluar spot and because some of the seeds dropped from the birds I ended up with about 6-7 Sunflowers in the same spot. I do have Perennials....but I planted a lot of seeds this year and it wasn't until late this year once summer started that I learned that when you plant Perennial Seeds....the greenery blooms the first year and it's not until the second year that they bloom....once I knew that....I was anxious to see Blooms so I planted more flowers....But I just learned how to save Marigold Seeds as well as Cosmo seeds....Wait for the flower to completely dry out.....Cut and dehead the flowers....peal back the flower pods, and in just one flower head, you'll see COUNTLESS of seeds, as many as that are in an envelope. So I put some in envelopes to plant next year....But at the same time, I also walked around and just threw the seeds in my wildflower sections and around my tree's in the circle garden! Try it this year with your faded Annuals', you'll be happily surprised next year! ;)
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