• Linda W
    Linda W Cincinnati, OH
    on Sep 4, 2012

    The way you framed your mirror, looks like it would be easier for a novice like me because there is no corners to miter. I have the exact same set up as in your photo. I just thought this morning that I would like to come up with something to "cover" the mirror on the medicine cabinet. Maybe put a picture on it with some removable adhesive and add a frame? Love your idea!

      • Katrinka Finkelstein
        Katrinka Finkelstein Chisago City, MN
        on Sep 25, 2016

        I found a picture I loved at a thrift store and used liquid nails to put it over the ugly "medicine chest" since the mirror is useless in that space.

    • WhateverisLovely-Blog.com
      WhateverisLovely-Blog.com Jupiter, FL
      on Sep 4, 2012

      Thanks, Linda! I love your idea of covering the medicine cabinet mirror. I may have to try that out, too, because the glass on ours is getting worn at the bottom.