Asked on Sep 7, 2012

what is this bush

Cheryl NewmanDouglas HuntEllen H


I just notices a lot of these in the woods behind my house. What are they & can I transplant some in my yard?
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Sep 8, 2012

    Do you have a photo of a whole shrub, Dianne?

  • Sue G
    on Sep 8, 2012

    It looks like what my Grandad called Teaberry.. If you smell the leaf and berry after crushing, it should smell like Teaberry..However, if you have never had or smelled Teaberry gum, you wouldn't know the scent.. They do grow in the woods freely ; )

  • Dianne
    on Sep 9, 2012

    I do NOT have a photo of the whole bush, I just broke a limb off & brought home with me. BUT I found it, it is a Spice Bush...& I can transplant them to my yard...

  • Ellen H
    on Sep 9, 2012

    The spicebush is the host plant for the spicebush swallowtail butterfly. So when you have it growing in your yard, be sure not to spray it when you see caterpillars chewing on it. :)

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Sep 9, 2012

    Ah, yes, spicebush. A great understory plant, and one that supports many kinds of wildlife.

  • Cheryl Newman
    on Jun 24, 2014

    Definitely spicebush. I have three, and they offer "volunteers" that can be transplanted. This is a wonderful native plant for the shade. Yellow flowers in early spring, red berries for birds, caterpillar food, and a nice yellow fall color. It needs both male and female plants to set fruit. I have one male and 2 females - perfect balance.

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