Asked on Sep 8, 2012

How much sun does a Ninebark Coppertina really need in the Tucker, Ga area!?! Anybody familiar with this shrub/area.

Acorn Ponds & WaterfallsDouglas Hunt


Really need to get these shrubs in the ground this fall as I've wintered them over once already. Had a spot picked out, dug holes but now I'm having second thoughts. The three of them can get as big as they want with good air circulation but our wonderful oak does hang over the site a bit.
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Sep 9, 2012

    Karen, I haven't grown "Coppertina," but it is a cross between the "Diablo" and "Darks Gold" ninebarks, and I have grown "Diablo," The more sun the better. I had two in full sun and one in a fair amount of shade and the ones in full sun were substantially more vigorous and had stronger coloration. It's good that you have room because they will definitely get big.

  • Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls
    on Sep 9, 2012

    I agree with Douglas. They will survive in the shade but more sun the better. And if they are under a large tree, regular watering may be necessary especially if newly planted or transplanted.

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