How do I get rid of wallpaper adhesive residue??

We recently moved into an older home and the first thing to go was the wallpaper in the living/dining room. The kids and I got it off pretty quickly with water...Now there is the sticky gluey residue! I really want to paint this room and get it put together, but I don't know how to clean the walls!
I tried TSP on a couple walls, but didn't like how that worked, so I bought some M-1 Wallpaper remover and that's not working either. Both were great for removing any bits of wallpaper that were left, but neither work on the glue.
Got any miracle cleaners I can try?!
q how do i get rid of wallpaper adhesive residue, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs, The kids ripping down the wallpaper
The kids ripping down the wallpaper.
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