Asked on Sep 13, 2012

Carpeting: Which is better Quality? the NEW P.E.T. Polyester or Nylon??

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I understand there are lots of other factors. Yarn Density, and how tight Yarn is spun, Stain protection methods, backing, etc and of course the padding. I know to buy the best padding to help with the feel of the carpet. So question is only based on the factor of the material. What is the better quality material for carpet, Nylon or the NEW P.E.T. Polyester??
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  • LandlightS
    on Sep 14, 2012

    PET has come a long way since it was introduced about 10 plus years ago. It has a much softer hand and hold it twist and density as good as, if not better, than nylon. It also wears better under normal traffic and has great soil resistant properties. So long as the carpet style and color fit you budget, you will be happy with PET as well as with nylon. Just make sure you use a quality pad for the installation.

  • JimG
    on Sep 14, 2012

    Thanks... at both carpet stores we've been to, we've asked for the best quality padding.

  • None, put down wood. lol I see way to many people suffering from allergies when I do environmental testing of carpets. But I would agree with LandlightS on this PET. Just be sure regardless of what ever carpet it is that you decide upon that you request that they air it out at the store for a few days before they bring it into your home. The out-gassing of these materials today are not good to breath.

  • JimG
    on Sep 14, 2012

    @ Wood: I do want 2 areas changed from what is carpet when we bought the house, to Hardwood floors. Entrance of house/foyer is wood, right is living room (Carpeted) and left is dining room (Carpeted). WIfe doesn't want change, only new carpet. Good to know about airing out the carpet. we are talking about 2300 sq foot of carpet. Will they air out that much?

  • Some firms will do that, some will not. You just need to ask. Regardless if they do or not, be sure to ventilate the house as much as you can until the new odor is about gone.

  • JimG
    on Sep 15, 2012

    yup, I had the same thought. I'll ask as part of our decision from the estimates and if not make sure all windows are open for a couple days. Good time of the year down here to do that! Thanks again.

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