Asked on Sep 14, 2012

My hardwood floors are being replaced.Will turning off the airconditioner & covering the vents prevent dust from get

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My concern is dust circulating throughout the system if I leave the unit on while the floors are being replaced. Our thought was also to tape plastic over the vents as a precaution. Will this work?
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  • You are correct in sealing the grills with plastic or masking tape. Also just be sure to keep the system off as when it does run the air will tend to blow the dust all over the house. I would also request that if they are going to sand to use dustless equipment. Which nowadays is required when refinishing older floors due to possibility of lead being in the finish.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Sep 14, 2012

    Yes this helps a am I correct in that you are having a "sand in place" floor installed? I also like to tape off cabinet doors, and doorways, and build a plastic "bubble" with sheeting for other areas. a good percentage of new wood floor installs are now done with "pre-finished" flooring. This eliminates the sanding phase which creates the most dust.

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