Asked on Sep 15, 2012

garage Makeover/playroom

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I have 2 garages. I want to make one of the garages a play room. The measurements are 20 feet by 9 feet Any ideas and pics would be GREAT. I will need lots of storage space along with play room! Please Help!
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Sep 15, 2012

    Kids tend to collect tons of toys and stuff...and storing them and having an easy way to clean up is key. I would pick up some wire utility shelving and some large rubbermaid type storage bins These could be set up along one wall and allow for easy clean up / access the central area would remain open for play. we picked up some shelving like this for our studio space...the unit was about $100 at home depot

  • Jeanette S
    on Sep 16, 2012

    They are going to have to have some sort of seating. I would make wooden cubes on wheels with padded tops. They flip up the top, take out games, balls, etc., push cubes to one end of room and play. When they tired, they have seating wherever they want it. To pick up, open lid and drop everything back into storage! Depending on what they want, there are all kinds of fabrics with sports, dolls, race cars, etc. so decorating should not be a problem. Just coordinate colors with fabric. If a mixed bunch, pick their high school colors or family's favorite sports team! Easy! This would be an excellent project for using pallet wood. The only wood you would have to buy is what you need for bracing!

  • Not knowing where you live can make it difficult for some to give you ideas. If your in a warm climate, you can paint the floor with game boards, hop scotch etc. Or if your in a cold climate, you may want to put down sleepers insulation and some sort of a wood floor with carpet to keep people warm. You may need to add heat or cooling. Do not tap into the existing system or the rest of the whole house will suffer. Purchase a self contained heating and cooling system that will just do that room alone. When planning any play room, think of safety and health of those using it. Purchase items that can be cleaned easily, that do not harbor mold.

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