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Succulents in Thrifted Milk Glass

Can you bear another post about succulents? Because I found yet another way to decorate with my favorite plant: place them in thrifted milk glass for an inexpensive centerpiece. Simplicity at its finest...

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  • 'a casarella
    'a casarella San Diego, CA
    on Jul 22, 2013

    Honestly, I have the worst brown thumb ever. Read this: http://www.acasarella.net/2012/04/i-suck.html In it, I talk a little bit about planting succulents. The ones pictured above are still alive almost a year later with very little care on my part ;)

  • Jay
    Jay India
    on Aug 8, 2013

    love it!

    • 'a casarella
      'a casarella San Diego, CA
      on Aug 8, 2013

      @Jayashree Rajan Thank you!! I'm happy to say that they are all three thriving!

  • Heidi
    Heidi Philadelphia, PA
    on Nov 12, 2013

    I did the same thing with my inherited milk glass candy bowls. I love it! Great minds think alike :)

  • Carolyn Templeton
    Carolyn Templeton Statesville, NC
    on Nov 29, 2015

    Thanks for this idea. I inherited a piece from my mom and have not thought of an intersþing use. Striking up some succ!

  • S. Leming
    S. Leming San Diego, CA
    on May 5, 2016


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